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Our Story

The Concept

Nuri Grill began with a carnivorous vision to merge the dining experience of Korean barbecue with the unmistakable hallmarks of a traditional American steakhouse.

Led by creator Wan Kim and powered by the culinary wisdom of award-winning Chefs Minji Kim and Ben Lee (formerly of Min’s Kitchen in Seoul), Nuri Grill offers Dallas a truly distinctive dining experience that beautifully blends two rich culinary traditions.

At Nuri, we strive to meat perfection. Everything begins with our premium ingredients: carefully selected high-quality beef, chicken, and pork, all exquisitely prepared to create unique and balanced flavors. Our passion for food is only matched by bringing excellent service and creating an elegant and exciting atmosphere for food enthusiasts.

Regardless of your familiarity with Korean cuisine, if you enjoy barbecue, you’ll feel right at home at Nuri Grill.



Female Chef Minji Kim owned a renowned restaurant in Seoul, Korea that was a prominent force in the dining landscape from its inception in 2007. The aptly named Min’s Kitchen was featured in the Michelin Guide for many years and was recognized with the Michelin Plate in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Executive Chef Ben Lee (and husband to Kim) oversaw and developed the restaurant’s unique cuisine, becoming best known for the creation of the menus and recipes now famous in Modern Korean Fusion. Since the restaurant premiered Kim and Lee have opened four more locations that are now operated by Kim’s sister. In 2020, Kim and Lee moved to the US to work for their mentor, friend, and past dining guest, Wan Kim, the creator of Nuri Grill, and bring their 30+ years of experience to the Dallas culinary scene.

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